We at Come Grow With Us Georgia are thrilled to be serving our students, residents and those traveling through our state. Our unique skill-set, experience, talents and ingenuity help to impact communities throughout Georgia, and we work tirelessly to enhance the public’s opinion and knowledge of Agriculture.

“Our Board of Directors SEATS 12, including our President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer; comprising the Executive Committee, along with 8 MEMBERS At-Large.”

In addition to our Executive Board, various Committees are formed to help fulfill our mission and teams of experts ensure our daily operations are carried out with excellence and professionalism. Our Committees and Staff execute various functions, some of which are: Agri-Educational Program Development, Fund Raising, Agriculture Achievement Awards, Charity Support Selections, Interactive Learning Facilities Oversight, and much more…

Overall, not only do we focus on deep impacting work that matters, we want to understand your views on the current state of Agricultural, Food Science and how Technology is changing how we produce, grow, raise, harvest, process, distribute and consume. We need you, join us, engage with us, help us.
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