Come Grow with Us is a Non-Profit organization, with a primary focus on telling the story of Agriculture, and it’s technological advances throughout the United States of America. Regarding the work we do in the great State of Georgia, we work with our many partners, including the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Department of Education, University of Georgia, Georgia 4-H, Georgia Tech, Georgia Top Commodities, City of Atlanta and many others to provide interactive, memorable and inspiring agricultural literacy to Students, Residents and Tourists.

Additionally, we help cultivate and develop the next generation of Agricultural & Food Industry Scientists, Engineers and Technicians through our programs and initiatives. We foster environments for K-12 students and Adult Workforce Development participants to receive exposure, scholarships, certificates and hands-on training for various careers within our food system.

“We want to showcase how science and engineering, working together, has developed new technology that’s making farms much more efficient and cutting-edge.”

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